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Tuning in

Got a free SIM with broadband package that gave unlimited broadband and minutes and text  on it but service wasn't good where I live so transferred number to a different supplier SIM now the SIM from virgin doesn't work.  I want to use it when I am at work which is in another area where reception is good. How do I get a new number for the SIM or do I have to request a replacement SIM. I tried speaking with a virgin representative but unfortunately there seemed to be.a language misunderstanding and nothing has been sorted. Can anyone help please


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @N1kk11

Thank you for your post and welcome to our community.


Was this free SIM part of the Oomph package?


We no longer offer Oomph so would be unable to order a new Oomph SIM for you unfortunately.


If you would like a Virgin Sim you can request this, however this would come with a chargeable Tariff. 






Vikki - Forum Team

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Hi, thank you for your response, yes it is. I still have the SIM I just need a new number because my husband couldn't get any decent service with it and it was his number that was being used so he got his number transferred to a different company and pays for his service. 

Thanks for coming back to us. As you have ported the number away from us, we can not provide you with another number for your SIM as it will have essentially been de-activated.

The best way forward would be to speak with our Mobile support team on 0345 600 0789 to review your options and Tariff. 

Thank you

Forum Team

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Ok, thank you. No worries I won't bother wasting my time then as unfortunately speaking with the help desk is too much hard work. I'm with sky mobile so don't need it and the rest of my family are on O2 so they don't need it either. I was only going to utilise it as it's part of my package which I'm sure as my package is still active I'm still entitled to it but I'm not fussed.  Thank you for the information though xx

You're welcome and yes I can appreciate where you are coming from which is why I suggested speaking with the team directly so your package could be review. 

All the best.

Forum Team

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