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SIM Replacement

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I lost my SIM long time ago and I called the Customer service way before the card was deactivated to request a new Sim. they send it via post and they forwarded me an email with the reference number. This was on the 14th of Jan 2020, but never received it. I have called the customer services many times and the SIM never received. I called them recently and they said the SIM is deactivated. I need it because I m using it for my WhatsApp and other work applications. 

Thought it is necessary to share with you this, maybe you had the same experience and could help me in replacing my SIM.

Mahmoud .  


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Mahmoud,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂

Sorry to hear you lost your SIM card and didn't receive the replacement.

Sadly if the account has now been deactivated what you've been advised is correct, we'd be unable to send a replacement anymore.


even if I want to have a new contract but with the same number

Hey solimanm, thank you for reaching back out.

This number could now belong to someone else, unfortunately so it's very unlikely if you took another contract out we could get you this number back, sorry.

All numbers get recycled or even deleted forever once a sim card gets deactivated. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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