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Roaming charges

I visit my Partner in Spain for 90 days out of every 180, in accordance with the new EU rules. I am currently with Giffgaff,  who intend to apply Roaming Charges after 63 days outside of the UK, regardless of "Fair Usage". I have contacted them to request a waiver for the remaining 27 days. But they refuse.

I have read the comments by "Insightful Person" (many thanks). However as you are now aware O2 and all its subsidiary companies (EE etc) intend to introduce roaming charges as of 01/01/22.

Virgin appeals to me because its appears to only apply roaming charges according to a breach of their Fair Use Policy.  However, can anyone confirm that there is definitely NOT a roaming charges policy based on the number of days outside the UK. 

Regards to all



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Re: Roaming charges

Hi Chrissie, thanks for your post.


From what I understand there is a Fair Usage Policy for extended travel in the EU. This info is from the website:


I’m going travelling around the EU for 14 weeks. Will I be breaking the Fair Usage Policy?

Not necessarily. Here’s how the Fair Usage Policy works. In every rolling 4 month period, you must use more data, calls and texts in the UK than the EU or spend more time in the UK than away somewhere else.
So, if you’ve used your phone more in the UK than you have in the EU within the last 4 months, you can still use your allowance whilst travelling without incurring a surcharge.


I’ve received a text saying I have broken the Periodic Fair Usage Policy. When will the surcharge kick in?

The surcharge will kick in if you haven’t reduced usage to your domestic levels after 2 weeks. This will give you time to get back to normal usage before that happens.


All of the info can be found here: ...I hope this helps.



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