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Re: Renewing contract

On our wavelength

I replaced my free VM Oomph SIM card yesterday , with the replacement O2 SIM and cannot get a constant signal strength in my house. With Virgin I had 2/3 bars on my IPhone. Now I have O2WiFicalls or one bar which drops off. I have to travel just over 2 miles to get an O2 signal of more than one bar and I live in the London commuter area.
This was not my choice, Virgin Media have made an O2 SIM as part of my deal. It’s not much good to me as it doesn’t work!

Have I got to pay £25 pcm for a SIM card that does not do what it is supposed to?

I have contacted O2 and they have made many suggestions, none of which have increased their signal strength. They are sending me a new SIM but I’m not hopeful. I have put the Virgin SIM back in and 3 bars appeared immediately. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Newhammer,

Thank you for reaching back out to us in our community and welcome, really sorry to hear you don't have a great signal indoors and you have to travel to get one since taking out an 02 Sim as part of your new deal, with any package you do get 14 days right to cancel, this would mean changing your home services to a none Volt deal.



On our wavelength


That would be the case if I were within the 14 days but I negotiated a revised deal with VM Volt on 28/12/22 and received an O2 bill 3 days later, despite not receiving a SIM for another week. I couldn’t open the bill as I did not have an MyO2 app.  My free Oomph SIM ends on 28/1/23 so it made no sense using the O2 SIM as my VM was free. Only after inserting the SIM from O2 giving myself a few days grace before the end of my current Oomph deal did I find out that what you include in my Volt deal does not work. Unfortunately the 14 days are well passed, which I now regret but with the size of O2 I didn’t give a thought to the fact that their network signal in my area is useless. 

Just so I get this straight, what you are suggesting is I change from my current deal and pay much more for the Virgin broadband and TV?

I might seem stupid but I’m not.

I just wanted others to know that moving from Oomph to Volt and hence V mobile free SIM to a £25:00 pcm O2 SIM might involve going to another mobile network to get a mobile signal that works and putting the expensive O2 SIM in a drawer because unlike the famous stain manufacturer “it does not do what it says on the tin!”

It still might be cheaper than paying the reversionary price for the full Virgin package, however. It just seems crazy for VM to force me to have an O2 SIM that doesn’t work and if you are reading this thinking of the O2 inclusive deal, make sure you can get a signal, and don’t have to jump in the car to make a network ‘free in my Volt deal’ phone call  


I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy with this and the package would usually be more expensive without the volt sim as you get a bigger discount for the more services. We do have packages which does not include a sim. The Media services are discount to include the price of the 02 sim and this will also be two direct debits ^Chris