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R.E CISAS mutual resolution

Joining in

Does anybody know if Virgin fail to adhere to a CISAS decision if its legally binding. I came to a mutual agreement with Virgin for a sum of £178 but they have not sent the cheque. I enquired with them as I understand if there's a delay however they now say that the complaint is still ongoing and to contact CISAS who say the case is closed.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @ccairns41058, thanks for your post although I'ms sorry to hear of your concerns raised here.

Please allow me to send you a PM so I can look into this further for you and see what's happening.

Kindly expect the PM from me to arrive shortly and respond directly when you can!

Many thanks


The guy from Virgin messages back instantly making the insinuation they care. Then messes me about 2 to 3 hours between messages. Just don't reply in the first place if you've got no information. 

Hi @ccairns41058 thanks for your message here.

Just for information, the Community Forums are not an instant response form of communication - we always try to respond as soon as we possibly can, but along with the Community Forums (and other customers we are helping simulataneously through this avenue alongside yourself), we also deal with the social media accounts so Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts too.

Personally, I have been in a meeting during this morning and then on my lunch break (alongside my other duties), returning to your message now - I do apologise for the delay.

I have responded to your latest PM, please review this and kindly respond.

Many thanks