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Problems trying to buy new Virgin Mobile sim

Joining in

I'm trying to buy a new VM sim for £5.95 per month online so that I can move from Sky. I can't complete the purchase as it gets to a screen where it detects that I once was a VM customer (years ago) and wants me to log in. I don't know what the password is for the old VM account and when I ask for the password to be changed I can't go any further because it asks for my VM phone number, but doesn't recognise my current number which I've always had. So I can't go any further and complete the order. Any ideas?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Mimlloyd 👋 Thank you for your post 😀

Sorry to hear about the problem you're having 😔 We'd suggest contacting our mobile sales team to discuss this matter. The best number to get them on is 0800 052 0238.

Unfortunately, we wouldn't be able to help with ordering a new sim card from here.