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Priority App

Dialled in

Have been advised to put this out there by VM on Twitter. I am attempting to use O2 priority app by signing in with VM email and password., however once I enter email and password it takes me to the app but the immediately kicks me out of app 


Backward step? Can't even get to the sign in selection screen now!!!!


Great!! Just found out all priority tickets have now gone. I guess all the touts have had a field day. Where's the priority???


Absolute shambles and VM/02 not bothered as they have the money from ticket sales the app was never going to work and wasted a full day trying they could at least had the decency to tell us 

I thought it was going to work when the priority app started up and I got to sign in with my VM account.

Not to be though, I got the 'Oops, something's gone wrong' messsge again.☹️

Will this ever be fixed?


I would just forget it as VM have sold all their priority tickets, not sure how when the app was not working 🤔🤔 even though it was a 48 hour window, absolutely rubbish excuses and service 

Joining in

Same issue as everyone else here - I cannot get into the app. I have deleted and reinstalled and log in with Virgin media - there is no other option as I am not an O2 customer. Sorry Virgin - you need to sort this out! 

Hi, I've managed to get the app working, but not really sure how. It could be that I signed on via the web first using

and didn't sign out. Then I made sure there were no new updates for the app on my phone. I then started the app and it worked.

It's probably just a coincidence, though it could be worth a try. 🤔


Hi @PaulVP,

Glad to see you were able to get the app working through this unique fix. Please continue to monitor this and let us know if the issue occurs again.


Forum Team

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