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Dialled in

Have been advised to put this out there by VM on Twitter. I am attempting to use O2 priority app by signing in with VM email and password., however once I enter email and password it takes me to the app but the immediately kicks me out of app 


Hi John forget my last post it worked for 30 seconds then crashed again saying something went wrong I absolutely give up 

Hi, my device is a

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro. Android.

As I've already mentioned the app was working, then it stopped for some reason.


It’s obvious to everyone on internet chat that this issue lies withVM customers only and that is unforgivable we as a result will miss out on priority tickets

I'm having exactly the same issues driving me mad! I'm on android. I've restarted phone, cleared cache, killed all open screens and apps, reinstalled app, tried browser tried another device- NOTHING! Please get this sorted its so frustrating

Joining in

Android - I have killed App, cleared cache etc.

I noticed when you login via Virgin button it opens very temporarily a URL to O2, this URL is and it times out you get standard 404.

enter that manually into a browser you get

{"message":"no route and no API found with those values"}

Also - O2 priority web site is down - my guess everyone trying to get tickets for Peter Kay which started at 10am today

As always designed to deal with a nominal load not a peak load to save costs - I have never worked in the IT industry at all have I ! 😉

Good luck to all the poor support staff trying to resolve these issues due to lack of real investment in proper infrastructure.

I don't think there is anyway anyone is going to get priority ... !




Peter Kay tickets already on sale on your sites. Some can get online.🤔



Getting the same issue as you. 

Another "nice to have" provided by Virgin Media that ultimately involved lots of time to set up and getting working properly. 

Not really what you expect. Ironically the core service is faultless!! Maybe I shouldn't complain as much haha

Look as though VM have stopped updating us completely now, obviously not bothered as O2 customers are getting their tickets, really poor show from VM

Hi all, 

Well this is popular 😬 due to a HUGE number of customers heading to the Priority App for tickets to Peter Kay, some users are experiencing difficulties despite us putting in extra resource to help cope with demand. Please bear with us, we’re doing everything we can to get it back up and running again ASAP! 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The following O2 coverage checker page will give an update on the issues. 

(Three mobile are also offering early access to Peter Kay's tour and are having the same  problem   )

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