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Poor customer service

Joining in

So two weeks ago I placed an order to add an O2 sim to my existing deal as my old contract with Vodafone is coming to an end and since that date I have had no further notifications since then. I decided to call up this afternoon only to find out there was no record of my order to begin with. I explained I wanted it not only for the sim but the volt bundle too and was then passed over to O2 who told me that Virgin had to process any sims to do with volt bundles.

So to skip ahead I spent a collective time of close to 4 hours being passed back and forward between 8 or 9 people which I lost count of in the end. One woman was processing the order herself and then suddenly was unable to set up a direct debit so she suddenly passed me back to 02 which just ended up having me passed back to Virgin.

The final woman I spoke to then said she couldn't offer me the same price I was offered through the upgrade section of my account as I was still on an old bundle and would have to charge me an extra £30 onto my account as well as the price of the sim. Obvious I wasn't very happy about this as the woman earlier hand no issues with simply adding the price of the sim before she ran in to issues processing the payment.

I was very unhappy by the second hour to say the least and the lack of anyone able to not only find any record of my order from two weeks ago but everyone I spoke to just seemed to insist they were passing me on to some one that could fix things. I did make a formal complaint at the end but I very much doubt it will make much difference on how they take responsibility for helping customers.

I have also tried again with simply adding the sim through the upgrade section of my account and am hoping it actually goes through this time because I don't feel like I can handle talking to people on a call again to actually get things processed.  


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi FreddieJ 👋

Thanks for posting, and welcome to the Forums.

I'm deeply sorry to hear about the experience you have had when attempting to take an O2 SIM. Please be aware that both O2 and Virgin Media can process these SIMs, however, Virgin Media agents can only do this, if you are making an overall change to your existing services.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to advise on why each person you spoke with, transferred you to the opposite team. I appreciate this isn't a great experience at all, and I'll be sure to feed this back directly.

The packages available to you differ across various channels, for example, the packages found in your My Virgin Media account may be an online exclusive, which is why our teams cannot process this. When you've made the changes to your current package online, did you receive Pre-Contract Documents via Email/SMS?

You can also raise an O2 SIM order directly on their website, here. If the SIM is eligible for Volt, you can then request Volt Benefits directly in your MyO2 account, which is then applied to the O2 SIM, and Virgin Media services.


Reece - Forum Team

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Yes I received the pre-contract documents via email but after that no progress was made on the order. I again yesterday evening made another attempt to upgrade and received the same documents by email.

Thanks FreddieJ,

So I can get a few more details from you I've popped you over a private message.