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Need a bit of advice!

Placed an order for a new phone & airpods on the 25th August, for it to be delivered on Thursday, 22nd September, in 24hrs time (the earliest day they’d give me). I’ve frequently been checking to see if there’s any updates about my order, which there hasn’t.. It continues to say “awaiting stock” since the day I ordered it, to today 24hrs before it’s due to be delivered. I did contact Virgin last week to chase it up, but they just confirmed the order had been placed. To my surprised, online the phone is also “out of stock”. I’m really not sure what to do. I’ve booked the day off work to ensure I don’t miss the delivery, it’s been a month since I ordered it. 

To make matters worse, my contract ends with my old provider on the 23rd September, so I will be fully switched off, no calls, texts or data. Other than trying to chase it up in the morning, any more suggestions?!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello hturn19,

Sorry to hear you are still waiting or your handset and airpods.

Sadly we can only advise the same as our Sales Team.

Have you called again since your post?