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Phone Call at 2.30am from Virgin ?

I had a recorded call at 2.30am saying I’d used up 80% of my broadband allowance! I received another around 5pm saying I’d used up 90% and they’d ‘added’ some data for me. Is this for real or is this spam? Who phones their customers at 2.30am on 1st January?
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Re: Phone Call at 2.30am from Virgin ?

Hi LizNM,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. Sorry about this but it appears to be genuine.


You've posted this in the Account - Mobile board but I don't think it's relating to your mobile but rather your home broadband.


Take a look at the My Virgin Broadband data allowance help page and it should hopefully explain things.


At a guess I'd say we have your landline number stored in the mobile number section and this is why you received the recorded call (which was sent as a text message).


Give us a quick call on the number in the help article and we can take a look further to prevent this happening gain.



Forum Team

Can make calls, but no data? Check your "Virgin Mobile APN settings"

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