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Joining in

Morning. I am really going round in circles on this issue. I have already posted about issue and am no further along.

I am out of contract and ordered a phone on the 13th only for it to be parked without any comms whatsoever since regarding the issue. I have gone through this forum and they helped as far as they could but when i rang the customer services line they just kept telling me i need to wait for the team dealing with the issue to contact me and that if i rang again i would just be told the same thing. I have tried the messaging service through whatsapp as well and just keep being told to ring the customer services number who tell me there is nothing they can do.

I have waited well past the 48 hours now (getting on for 4 days) and have still had no contact from virgin so am in limbo and am not prepared to sit here waiting like an idiot any longer as i need the phone ASAP. This process is utterly ridiculous and they obviously don't want or need my business. ( Its like they are saying there is a problem with your application but we dont fancy telling you what the issue is, so you ring and get told this mysterious department that nobody can contact will be in touch but they never do.)

Can somebody advise how i go about cancelling the order i placed because i will go to another provider instead who does want my business. I was happy to stay with virgin and just upgrade to a new phone plan but now i am going to port over my number once i have purchased the new phone from someone else so they have lost my business completely over what was potentially an easy issue to remedy

Would this automatically cancel my new order at the same time as ending my current airtime plan i pay for already or do i need to cancel my new order separately? I don't want to receive my new phone from a different supplier only to then be suddenly stuck with two phones because virgin have decided to actually do something about the parked order and send it out to me down the line.

The last contact i received from virgin was the next steps email "

Hello xxxx, 
Order ID:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  
Date:Tuesday 13th December, 2022  
There's only a few more checks between you and the good stuff. You'll find out soon if your order's confirmed when you get an email or call from us. "

And the status in my online account is 


Sorry, we have some problems processing your order, our customer service team will be in touch to discuss about this order.
If you'd like to speak to us about this, please call in on 0345 6000 789*.
*Please note standard charges apply, please check with your network operator for rates..
When you ring this number they just tell you what i said above and will not or cannot put you through to somebody that can resolve the issue! They said it might be card details that are the issue but surely this is easily solved then?
Can i cancel my parked order by text? Or if this be resolved today one way or another i am prepared to stay with virgin



Forum Team
Forum Team

Apologies for any issues faced JUGGY1978,

Welcome back to the community.

Can I ask regarding the previous forum thread, what was advised by our team?

Let us know,


Hi Kain. I originally asked the same question on here a couple of days ago and Ash was very helpful and did what they could but eventually had to tell me to ring the customer service line after confirming the order was parked without any reason as to why. I was also told the same thing through whatsapp.

When i did ring customer services (The number quoted on the order status screen in my online account in case of issue) to find out more info they just told me there was nothing they could do and that i had to wait 48 hours and then i would be contacted by the mysterious security team i keep hearing about who are the only ones who could help further. I was also told that if i kept ringing the customer services (only rang once??) i would just be told the same thing. They said that it might be an issue with the card details provided. I have updated these in my account because the card showing in there had expired but even if this is the case this is surely an easy to resolve and should not take 4 days to sort. I have excellent credit and have never missed a payment so cannot think what else it could be

It has been 4 days now without any contact from the security team or anyone else for that matter and i dont feel like i can wait any longer unless you can help with this issue. I am literally about to purchase the same phone but with a different provider and request my pac code from yourselves, and would cancel this parked virgin order if anybody actually got back to me on the issue which i believe is still my right to do at this stage? Will requesting my pac code and moving provider cancel both this new order and my current air time plan that i pay for monthly or just the air time plan?

Its a shame because i have been with virgin for years without issue but i am just going round in circles with no obvious way of resolving the as of yet unknown issue and need this phone in the next couple of days or certainly this side of xmas

I will wait to see if you can help in anyway but will likely go ahead and purchase the phone elsewhere in the next couple of hours if you have no luck.

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the response there,

Many apologies for the delays regarding this,

As it is a parked order we'd be unable to request anything until the necessary team give an update.

Did they give a timeframe at all?



Hi Kain. I was just told 48 to 72 hours which has now passed. Thanks for your help but i think i have decided to go and ahead and request my pac code and move. I end each day exactly like today which is no further forward than i started without even knowing how to resolve the issue.

If they ever contact me i will just ask them to cancel the order. Thanks again.


Sorry to hear you've decided to go with someone else JUGGY1978,

If you do need help with anything else please let us know.