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Parked order

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We are cancelling all  mobile contract s we ordered one last s22 for our daughter and you parked the order even though we have had confirmation absolutely disgusted at your lack of communication to the customer we can pay you back monthly but you have lost or respect


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parked order means more checks need to be done, quite normal. if you give more info such as when the order was 'parked' others will be along to answer things, give an update.

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My order was parked 8th September yesterday for due delivery today got all contract info but still no order confirmation 😑 😒 

Hello clydeandelodiel


Sorry to hear of the frustration caused by the recent mobile order and it being parked, we understand the confusion this can cause. We appreciate you taking the time to post this via the forums, welcome to the community.


From checking there appears to have been some system issues when placing the order, we aren't able to progress this from here and would recommend calling the team on 789 to look into this further for you.