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Parked order

Joining in


I am considering cancelling an order I placed yesterday for a new phone and free nintendo switch with you guys. I would rather not, but am now extremely anxious after reading what seems like a neverending stream of neagtive reviews on trustpilot (without response). Also found tonnes on these forums with similar issues. Perhaps I worrying over nothing, but I'm sure you can understand my concern.

The order is "parked" and I cannot seem to get hold of anyone who can tell me why, or if its going ahead? If there is a problem I would prefer to know now, so I can cancel this order before my old phone gets deactivated (which I presume it will due to requested swap to Virgin?).

I have tried to find help with this online, by phone and via the WhatsApp service that was suggested, but sadly to no avail. All I can seem to find are absolutely shocking reviews, which has scared me to be honest. I work in customer service for an oil company, so I understand that bad reviews will happen.. but the ones I've been reading are all about parked orders and having to wait days/weeks for someone to explain whats happening. I do not want to end up as one of these angry customers, so with the greatest of respect for you guys and the pressure you are under right now - please can someone take a look at my order and tell me what's happening? 100001574370330

Thank you very much x


Hi Luxury 👋 welcome to community! Thank you for posting. 

Sorry to hear you need a bit of support with a parked order. We will need to send you a PM to confirm a few account details so we can investigate and offer further support with this. We can then return to this public thread with another update when possible. You can find my PM in the top right corner of the page 📩 in your Inbox. 

Thank you for your patience in the meantime! 🌞


Hi All 👋 just returning to keep the public thread updated. 

Thanks to Luxury for PMing with me 📩 we were able to confirm a few details and look into the parked order. If you ever need to speak to the mobile sales team you can do so via 📞  0800 052 0238. 

Wishing you all the best! 🌞


Joining in

Hi, I am also having trouble with a parked order and no information on what's happening with it, made yesterday afternoon. Any help would be greatly appreciated as my current phone is on its last legs.


Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @Diff99, and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry to hear of the parked order.

Check out the envelope in the top right hand corner for a private message from me and I'll assist you where possible.

Kindest regards,


Thanks for working with me via our private messaging function @Diff99, and I'm pleased that our team has seemingly been able to have this resolved for you.

Do feel free to report back to us with any updates, or if any further assistance is required.

Kindest regards,