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Parked order almost 6 days and no contact at all

Joining in

I placed an order online last Sunday 12 June and it is still showing as parked and I have had no contact at all from Virgin Media since the initial email last sunday saying someone will be in touch.

Never had such poor service and difficulty in taking out a phone contract before, all other providers almost always ship the order within 24 to 48 hours after the online approval.

Looking at other repsonses this forum seems to be the only way to get a resolution to these issues so please can someone contact me ASAP before I look to cancel my order number removed

 [MOD EDIT: Order number removed]



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Parked orders must be the biggest and longest running complaint on here. The chance of them contacting you is almost zero. 

Hopefully, the team here can give them a nudge, but even they are limited in what they can do when dealing with the mysterious 'back office'.


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Knows their stuff

'Hopefully, the team here can give them a nudge, but even they are limited in what they can do when dealing with the mysterious 'back office''.

Enlli, surely you mean the 'back orifice' because that's what it really is!!

To be honest, the whole 'order parked' thing is just one big mystery, because they do not do a credit check with the three main credit systems, that I do know!!

How they make decisions, god only knows, because some years ago, I was refused a contract, yet had a 990 credit rating with Experian, and, it appears that NO credit check was made to them, yet I was refused, despite being a customer for 20 years, and never missed a payment once in all those years..

Went to another mobile provider, 20 mins later, walked out having passed a credit check, and been offered a far better deal than I originally hoped for, as credit rating was so good!!

Moral : VM don't do 'credit ratings', they either flip a coin, or play a quick 'rock, scissors, paper' game to decide your fate!! 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi helencooke, thanks for the message and welcome to the forums. I am  sorry to hear that the order is parked. I will send you a private message so that this can be looked into further for you. ^Chris

Thanks Chris please send me a message to get this sorted. 

Not sure what to make of the lack. Of customer service, had a message on Sunday replied later that day with the relevant details and now radio silence since then.

I think the only option will be to try and get through on the phone, cancel and look elsewhere for a new contract.