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Open letter to Rachel Barrass CS Director

Thank you for sending me letter dated April 2022.  You say regarding price rise you WILL be in contact with me by 28 Feb 2022 - but I have no time machine...

Anyway my plan cost already increased by almost 20%, which I'm sure makes you happy.

As my 12 month contract is to end soon, you offer me to stay on a rolling monthly contract for the current price, but also you have a 'brilliant' offer: I can sign up for a 12 month contract, plan will be EXACTLY the same with just one exception: I will pay 50% more on top of the recent price rise. LOL. Very Monty Pythonic!

Dear Rachel Barrass, I'm sorry to inform you I will not use your borderline-scam offer and I will just stay with a rolling monthly contract.

Dear Rachel Barrass,  Customer Services  Director - how can I get your job? Brilliant job!

Happy Customer

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Re: Open letter to Rachel Barrass CS Director


I really am losing faith AGAIN with Virgin Media, you post a query on here and get little or no help other than to be directed to call CS at an OFFSHORE call centre, I have yet to speak to someone in this country regarding my mobile contracts. and as such making the Phillipines understand my issues is a no go.

If you are lucky enough to get her job may i suggest that VM look at how complex their entire set up is from the OFFSHORE (non understanding or understandable) to their website which is a mare to navigate at the best of times.

Little unfair to generalise, there are good forum team members on here but their hands are so tied with what they can do for customers which, in my humble opinion should be first thing you change 🙂


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Re: Open letter to Rachel Barrass CS Director

Hey @hotbit,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post.
I'm sorry that you have only just received our letter about your price increase, have you spoken to the team to see if they can arrange any better deals for you rather than the one that you have already been offered? 



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