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O2 current customer

Dialled in

Hi i have just last month ordered a vm o2 package which is any time calls and broadband.

have seen on the normal vm site some good mobile phone sim deals can i ask are they with vm and o2 or just vm??

what is the best way to get them or a deal with my new package??


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Hosay299.

Welcome aboard.

Its hard to advise on here without knowing what you have seen.

Do you have the link to the page you looked at please?


Fibre optic

The offers on the vm site is vm mobile you would have to contact vm mobile. They no longer do vm sims or offers with the tv, broadband and phone it’s only 02 sims to call vm mobile 789 on your landline or 0345 600 0789

Hi gareth i see here 
i am with o2 but am new to the vm o2 so do not know if i switch to a vm does the offer i got as with oi2 still apply??


The offer/new deal you have is with O2 for the sim.

Have you received your contract as it will be explained in full on that?


Hi ok so would i get a deal with u on a sim deal still keeping my current plan just add a sim if there is a right offer ??


my new contract does not included sim deal as it was left with o2??

Hi Hosay299.

That would be correct.

If you need help to get this ordered then please give our sales team a call 0800 183 1234.