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Number Transfer

On Friday 8th December I called 789 to use my PAC code from my old provider Three, no problems done that on the phone with Virgin Mobile, should be working by midnight Sunday/Monday morning (due to the weekend). Sure fine...

However, it is now Tuesday 12/12/17 and still my number hasn't transferred.

To add further issues, I cannot call anyone from the Virgin phone number either, no dialling call whatsoever, I also cannot receive calls. My old contracted phone has now been disconnected from Three, so I only have iMessage/Facetime working as that uses my data/WiFi!

Can someone please help urgently as I am left without a mobile phone which I rely on for work, it will not even ring 789 either... No dialling noise at all.

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Re: Number Transfer

Try the sticky at the top of the page.

If it fails: Then call Virgin Media and lodge a official complaint.
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Re: Number Transfer

Hi NathyDee,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


The porting process is designed to transition between providers as smoothly as possible with as little disruption as possible. Sometimes however there can be a delay and I believe this is what has happened in this case.


I apologise for the delay on this occasion but it should all be up and running for you now. If you continue to have issues then please let me know.



Forum Team

Can make calls, but no data? Check your "Virgin Mobile APN settings"

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