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Not received order confirmation

Joining in

Hi I ordered a freestyle contract phone about 2 days ago, I got given an email saying this shortly after, but I haven’t heard anything else or received a call from yourselves about a security check which I believe would be from an 0800 number?

i don’t have a virgin mobile account yet because I don’t have a virgin mobile number as I’m using a PAC  code from my old phone to transfer my number to my new phone when it arrives

Hello Aimee,
It was great to chat with you today. As we discussed, we can't complete your order just yet. So, we've parked it for the moment until we've sorted things out.  
Keep your eyes peeled for your order confirmation when it comes through. Your order number is [MOD EDIT: REMOVED]


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Your order is Parked, which is when they run a few additional checks, be it credit or supply

They'll be in touch once those have completed or of there's another issue


Thanks, I just missed a call I think from an 020 number and they left a voicemail saying it was the security team but I don’t think I’m able to call them back but I think they said they’d ring me back tomorrow between 3-5pm?

Hi @Aimsmcmanus

Thanks for your post, and welcome to our Forums!

Sorry to hear that your order has been parked, and you're waiting for the progression of your order. As mentioned by @Anonymous and your most recent update, it's just a case of us running a few additional checks to ensure we're compliant with FCA Regulations.

I can see you're currently chatting with Lee in PMs, and he will be able to continue to assist further from there 🙂


Reece - Forum Team

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