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Not enough credit when I’m on a contract

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once again I have a problem with not enough credit when I’m on a contract and I can’t get hold of anyone to sort. Please can you help?


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Very Insightful Person


 you can change your spending cap once you have gone over your allowances via your virgin mobile account 

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Thanks Danny. I don't have a spending cap so I don't think it's this. I have also changed the roing to manual and national in case this made a difference, but still the same message.

If you login to your mobile account online click on Payments and under where it says Your Balance there is a figure called "credit limit" which I believe is the upper limit you can spend which is not the same figure as the Spend Cap, it's probably that figure you're exceeding if you are incurring additional network costs.


Hi..thanks for this. It has only reset the balance 2 days ago and I haven't made any phone calls or texts as it hasn't let me, so it's not this either I'm afraid.

Sorry to hear that you are having mobile account issues, gabriellahill, I'll send you a private message to confirm your account details.

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Having the same issue. Extremely pee’d off and hoing to bin virgin mobile and broadband off. Wasted phone calls to get help. A joke. 

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Forum Team (Retired)

Hello @StetheH,

Welcome, thanks for joining this thread.

I am sorry to see this, can you please tell me if you are wanting to increase your spend cap? 

Many thanks,

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Same issue here, have had it for a while now, called Virgin and not had a resolution yet. Next call will be to cancel my contract and go elsewhere, not entirely sure why I'm paying at this point.

Hi @LuckyLorri,

Sorry to hear you're also experiencing a similar issue. Have you checked your account to ensure that you having not hit your Spend Cap or Credit Limit? What have previous agents said when you've called us with this issue?


Reece - Forum Team

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