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Not Honouring Early Bird Offer

Just joined

Hey guys 

I signed up to virgin in Oct 2021 because of the early bird offer where you could upgrade your phone after 12 months even if your contract was longer. There’s not much difference in the main phone companies so this is really the main reason I signed up with them! 

I called to upgrade today because it’s been over a year since I signed up and they’re refusing to honour it. First they said that the offer is no longer valid and I said that shouldn’t matter since it was when I signed up and it’s why I signed up. Then they said that wasn’t the plan I was on (it was! It’s the reason I chose them). I’ve no idea what to do if they’re going to just refuse to honour the contract. I’m looking to see if there’s anything in writing about it but I don’t think there ever was (more fool me) I’ve logged a complaint but given the way they handled the last one, I doubt they’ll do anything! 

Has anyone had this happen? Did you manage to get them to honour it and if so how? Or did they just refuse? 

Any help would be appreciated! 


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @LeilaS87,

Welcome to our Community Forums! Thank you for your first post and I'm very sorry to hear that this has been your experience and that the team advised this. 

Can you please tell us if the team advised an exact reason as to why we can't upgrade your mobile phone?

Please let us know so we can look into this further if needed.

Thanks! 🙂

Forum Team

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Joining in

Hi! I had the exact same issue with them, a few months ago I called to upgrade (a few months after the 12 month period Virgin said to wait until an upgrade was available, which was the early bird offer). The person on the phone said that offer is no longer available and I will have to wait out the 36 months with no upgrade, or pay around £400 to get out of the contact. I then called again today to query my bill and thought to ask about an upgrade again. I think it depends on which member of customer service you speak to, as I was told today, once I pay 25 months off I will be able to upgrade (which will be this September). I would recommend you to call back if you have the time and hopefully you may get some different answers! Still awful how they have tied many people (like myself) into a 36 month contact for the ‘early bird plan’ which apparently does not exist?. Wish you luck with it 👍🏼 

Hi Marthagall.

Thank you for posting and welcoming you with big virtual arms 😊.

I am sorry for all the misunderstanding. Let us know how the upgrade goes in September. 

As your phone is a loan you can make additional payments through the contract and upgrade on 👉 0800 183 1150.

Thank you.

Ari - Forum Team

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