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I am so unhappy I took a virgin mobile contract out with you and the process went smoothly. I then decided to take out a virgin iPad deal with you also. I received and signed all documents and contract. Then I received an order to say my item had been processed/completed and was with Yodel. I was provided with a tracking number and a delivery date of 6th June between 7am-9pm. I waited in all day and had no delivery, when I attempted to track the item with yodel it said ‘no parcel found.’ I contacted Yodel who told me the tracking number did not work and I needed to go back to the sender.

As such I contacted virgin. I could not get hold of them on the phone so had a WhatsApp conversation. I was told the order was cancelled as I had not answered a call from virgin - but I informed them I had not had a call from virgin. I was then told by virgin they could reprocess the order which they did and I signed the pre contract agreement. I was then told someone would phone me to verify everything on the 7th June. Well the 7th came and no one phoned me so I contacted Virgin who told me my original order had not been cancelled it was in transit with yodel and they would escalate it and phone me back. 

I then woke up this morning and I had an email with my first bill date for the item I DONT even have. So I phoned virgin once again and this time I was told they would have to send a ‘a chase claim’ to yodel and cancel the order as according to them it had been sent there end and tracking number was incorrect and I had not received the item so I would not be liable for an item I have not received. Then I was told that they would put me through to the sales team for me to process the new order which was now parked as no one had phoned me from the WhatsApp conversation I had had previously where the agent had reprocessed the order.

So I am then put through the sales team who go through everything and then tell me sorry you have reached our credit check limit. Erm…clearly I passed the credit check for the original order, I then passed it for the reprocessing order and now I get this. The agent then tells me he will phone me tomorrow on the 9th June and process a new order. But when I look on my account the original order which was never delivered and which has the incorrect tracking code is still showing as completed on my account. Sorry this is appalling service.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @Lady1704,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post your issue on the forums.

I'm sorry to hear of the experience that you've had with your iPad order from ourselves, I have been able to locate this on our system and can see that you have actually reached the credit check limit that can be performed for you and the team would be able to another credit check to process the order tomorrow, they cannot bypass the credit checks on the system as that is part of the order process. We have to run a credit check for every order to be processed be that a re-order in your case or a new order.

I have raised a complaint on your behalf about your experience, I will drop over a private message in a moment, so that we can go through account security and I can provide you with the complaint reference number.