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New mobile phone contract

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I've recently taking out a new mobile contract. Despite a fairly quick initial call to place the order, things weren't so pleasant and frustrating thereafter.

The guy I spoke with initially offered a deal of £38.67 for the device and tariff which I agreed too. Then checking the documents afterwards, I noticed the momthly discount had not been applied. I called back and the lady i spoke with said there was no notes on my record and she couldn't warrant the discount. Eventually after 20mins, she agreed to it!

Then I've noticed that I've now been charged for my device and tariff, roughly 2 weeks after taking out the new contract. I'm now left bemused and highly frustrated, with no clue as to when money is being taking from my account. No one at VM seems to know what they are doing and seem v. disorganised.

As a valued customer of over 11 years, this is unacceptable, and massively regret taking out a new deal with VM!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @lansell82


Thanks for posting on our community forum!


Sorry to hear about your issue regarding your mobile phone package, have you spoken to our team regarding your pricing concerns with your package since receiving the bill charges? Our mobile care team on 789 / 0345 600 0789 or Mobile SMS line on +44753 301 6422 can check on exactly what your package entails and get the discount sorted for you if they can. I'd suggest speaking to them again as the last agent you spoke to acknowledged this so they'll have your issue resolved for you if you give them a call back.




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