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New contract with 5GB Oomp SIM completed 30 Dec. Oomph team was not able to send me it.......

On the 30 Dec I upgraded my Virgin Media package with an upgrade of M100 to M200 Fibre Broadband and the addition of a 5GB Oomp SIM on 30 Dec.  I explained that I had got a PAC code to transfer my number from my o2 SIM.  I was told I would get a call within 48 hours regarding the SIM.  Got no call back, so rang again on 3 Jan. Was told I would get a call back in 48 hours.  Got no call back.  Had a text chat with Virgin Helpline on 7 Jan.  I gave them my house number and post code.  They advised me:-

I have tried to pull up your mobile account here and the system can't find your profile. It seems that our oomph team was not able to send you your oomph sim card. Don't worry, I will provide you the contact number of our oomph team so that you can request a replacement oomph sim. Rest assured that once you get the oomph sim, you won't get charged for that every month. You can reach our oomph team at 0345 454 1111.

When I upgraded my contract on 30 Dec, one of the people asked me for a password (which I thought was strange) so that they could setup a Virgin mobile account for me.  I have tried to login but it's not recognised.  

I managed to get through to the Oomp Team, after being transferred about 4 times.  The line was really bad and I was cutoff after about 30 seconds.  So I tried the mobile text messaging service, which I stayed on for over 5 hours until it closed (I think that was about 10PM) with no contact.

So I have my contract, I have my order number but no SIM.  The only information I have been given seems to indicate that they can't send me it.   Would have been nice for Virgin to let me know that they couldn't send me it and, perhaps, even why.   I am very close to cancelling my Virgin Media contract, which now includes Virgin TV with M200 Fibre Broadband, Virgin Phone and Mobile, as Virgin have not honoured it by providing me with a SIM card.  I have made reasonable attempts to sort out the issue which is none of my doing, whilst Virgin have done nothing to help solve the situation.  Virgin Customer Service is appalling. 



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