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New Tariff????

I have two rolling SIMs with VirginMobile, a few months ago I upgraded to 4G with the offers available, Double Data on 2GB and then £15 for 20GB Double Data (£10 off promotion) all has been great.

2 weeks ago, I read on Virgin's website that you can change the payment date of my direct debits, which I took advantage of as I have a new job and now get paid monthly, so wanted the direct debits to come out on the 1st of each month instead of the 16th and 28th. The overseas Call Centre changed my bill cycle so the payment would come out as I asked.

Yesterday I received a generated bill for partial payment, which I can understand, as to cover the few days to the new cycle, but on the bill it states New Tariff 20GB £25, with no mention of the £15 tariff I'm on or the Double Data, of 2GB to 4GB tariff.

At no point during my Direct Debit call that any changes I made to the payment dates would take me off my current tariiffs???

Is this the case? As when I called the overseas Call Centre yesterday, the lady couldn't grasp my concerns, then began speaking in her native language to someone else, then came back to assure me that I'm on my original tarriffs but she cant see why my new bill says I'm on £25 tariff, so I ended the call non the wiser.

Can anyone help?

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Forum Team
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Re: New Tariff????

Hi jobbie,

Thanks for your post on the Community Forum. Changing your direct debit date won't take you off the new tariff you upgraded to, but due to refresh dates, it may not be updated yet on the account. 

If you would like for me to check into this, please send a private message to me with your name and mobile number, so that I can look into this further for you.

To PM me, simply:

  • Click on my forum name on the left of this post.
  • Go to my profile.
  • On the right had side, select the 'send me a message' option.

Kind Regards,


Virgin Media Forum Team

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