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New O2 SIM on Volt & keeping Current VM Number

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I’ve updated our package to Volt and now received a replacement O2 SIM for the existing virgin mobile one that was on the previous Ultimate Oomph package. 
I asked the retentions team to ensure the existing VM number switched across and was advised this would be the case - but I haven’t received confirmation through email, or with the new SIM (which has a different mobile number stated). Other posts here suggest you need a PAC, which differs to what retentions team originally said.

3 questions please, as this is used in my daughters phone I don’t want to irrevocably lose her current number.

1) If I put the new SIM in the phone will it definitely automatically port the VM number?
2) Is there a time limit to activating the new O2 SIM and still having automatic VM number porting (if this is the case)? The SIM was delayed in the post - new package started 30 Nov. 
3) How long will there be a loss of service / take to port.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @mgman78,

Thanks for your post, and welcome back to our Community Forums.

I'm sorry to hear there has been some confusion since changing your package to a Volt one. There's a couple of things here that's worth knowing. When moving your Virgin Mobile SIM over to O2, a PAC Code would be needed. If you have upgraded with one of our team, then this should have been done for you - you should have received a text during this process confirming the PAC Code.

If you haven't received this text, please text 'PAC' and your date of birth (in DDMMYY format) to 65075. For example, if you were born on February 1st 1970, you'd put 'PAC 01021970'. Once this has been done, you'll receive an automated text back in a couple of minutes. Once received, please give O2 a call, and advise them you're looking to transfer the number, they'll ask for the Mobile Number and PAC Code, and this will be processed.

From there, you should be able to pop in your SIM to initiate the transfer process. In answer to your questions:

1) Once O2 have entered the PAC Code on their side, this will definitely begin the process.
2) There is no time limit for this, however, to port a number, you would need to keep the original SIM (Virgin Mobile) activated. If this SIM is cancelled, you will no longer be able to transfer the number.
3) Porting takes approximately 1-2 working days to be completed. I've added an image below which shows the porting times.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask and we'll do our best to assist.


Reece - Forum Team

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On our wavelength

Thanks @Reece_MH for the advice - it turns out my daughter did already receive a text confirming the PAC as part of the upgrade process.

In this circumstance do I still need to call O2 to advise them of the switch, or just swap the SIMs and it’ll happen?

& do you know how long will the VM number stay active for?


Thanks for coming back to us mgman78, you would need to give the PAC code to O2 for the number transfer to take place.

Kind Regards,