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New Contract Not Found By Virgin Media

My old contract ended and I took out a new one. However, despite having a confirmation email for my new contract and an emailed PDF with my new contract details, Virgin media say they have no record of me taking it out.


I have spoken to them, been told I should use a chatbot, and done the WhatsApp chat twice but no one seems to know anything about it.

The offer I took seems to have gone now and the best they can now do is offer me a measly £7 discount on my current bill.

Surely someone should have a record of the transaction as I got an email from the web team, although I can't get to speak from anyone at the web team (does anyone here know how to do this?)

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: New Contract Not Found By Virgin Media

Forum staff should be able to sort it out, and they usually do.  

Usually when this happens, things have gone wrong, the agent has agreed a contract with you that (although legally binding) isn't part of VM's desired "pricing pathway", and the organisation is trying to weasel out of the deal.  It's not personal, it's not even deliberate or intentional, it's just what happens when you let Virgin Media run anything.  We sometimes see staff here comment "you shouldn't have been offered that deal", but that's irrelevant, if a customer agrees a deal in response to written or verbal information, that becomes part of the contract.  If you've already got the evidence of the PDF, then VM haven't got a leg to stand on.

Very occasionally there's some difficulty, and the forum staff won't sort it out.  That's when we mention CRA 2015, and "Ombudsman Services".  

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Re: New Contract Not Found By Virgin Media

Hi there kdjkn,

Thanks for your post and welcome bac to the community.

Sorry to hear about the issues faced with the contract, to clarify on this was it offered by one of our agents?


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