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Need a Security Key to view my Mobile Credit Agreement

I'm trying to view my credit agreement online, but apparently I need the agreement number and a security key in order to log into it. I have the agreement number but have never had any kind of security key.

All of the help available when I click the "Find out where you can find them" link says that it should be in the email I received when I first ordered my phone. I got the phone and set up the contract in a physical shop though, not online, and the staff in the shop definitely didn't give me any kind of security key. Emails never get deleted from the address associated with my account and I can see every "Your mobile bill is ready to view" email dating back to when I first started the contract. I never received anything that mentions a security key though.

Any help getting into the account? I don't see why it needs to have a separate login from the regular mobile billing section anyway.

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