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My tariff has changed without any information

I have had my contract more than 10 years ago with monthly pavement. Last year my contract ended I didn't renew it because of my financial situation. Even my husband has had the same time contract ended. But from April onwards they have automatically changed my contract in to sim free option and charged me different payment ( (£5.00 extra). When I called for an answer they said they no longer has my old tariff and they already have texted me in February. But I checked all my messages they did not send anything like that. But my husbands tariff remains the same. Also he received a message today from Virgin mobile mentioned that his tariff won't go up as due to the corona virus situation. How is it possible to charge me extra and change the contract on their own without an information and my husband's remain same. I'm very disappointed by this action. 

I need a responsible reply please.


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