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Mobile phone numbers messed up

Joining in

I had to remove my mobile phone contract from Virgin Media Oomph package when VM decided to merge with 02. I was quite happy with Virgin Mobile so decided to just take out a basic sim only deal for £7 a month. Rang them up and everything seemed to go straightforward and my mobile number would be swapped when my Oomph deal ended on May 23rd. one day following that date my phone stopped being able to take or receive calls but texts still worked. Rang Virgin Mobile up and they said that my mobile phone number had been released and they would try to retrieve it. I have since contacted Virgin Mobile at least 6 times, always a very helpful overseas call centre but my problem has not been resolved. I have a total of 2 mobile numbers with Virgin Mobile and the other number is now being mixed into the confusion and I was told this morning that my previously unaffected number will have to be retrieved as well. I appreciate the overseas call centre is trying to be helpful but I am paying for a mobile number that I cannot use. The problem maybe at Virgin Mobiles head office. This is my last call for help, after many years of smooth service I may need to look elsewhere.


Forum Team
Forum Team

I am sorry to hear that the number has ceased and this is not the experience which we want you to have. You would not be charged during this period as the account is disconnected. We would raise an IT ticket to our porting team to get the number, can you confirm if this has been done? ^CW

Hello Chris

Thanks for your response. A ticket had been raised and the mobile number retrieved but it has been applied to my mobile - the mobile number was my wife’s phone. I have not changed any SIM cards only but when I phone Customer Care they say I am phoning from my wife’s phone number but it shows my number on the phone. A simple change seems to have become very complicated.



I am happy to hear that a ticket has been raised and will send you a private messages so that this can be looked into further for you. ^Chris