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Mobile order parked

Tuning in

Hi I took advantage of the summer sale offers to join your network and ordered an iPhone 12 Pro 512gb on an unlimited plan. I did this online and then found my order parked. I waited then phoned and spoke to some who re processed my order on the basis something must have gone wrong. That’s all been done and the new order is now Parked and I’m no further forward. Is this usual for Virgin mobile? 
It feels very much as if I’m getting the run around. I’m not happy with my current network but don’t want to move if i am likely to end up being messed about. 


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Well thankfully your security team called today to get me all sorted and get my new contract and phone sorted.

I took a certain amount of satisfaction in cancelling my order due to the delays in processing it, having upgraded to the IPhone 12 Pro with my current provider and taking delivery of my new phone and upgraded plan all within 24 hours of my order going in. Fast and efficient service that worked just as it should. Genuinely 5 star service from EE.

Your customer service having demonstrated all too well I was better off staying where I was! 
In this instance I count myself very lucky to have such a near miss. and can see all too well why Virgin get so very many poor reviews from customers!  

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Steven1966


Thanks for posting!


Have you spoken to our mobile team around the reparked order as of yet? What was advised if so?



Forum Team

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Hi Travis 

I have just spoken too them no idea why it’s been parked except that it might be because it’s the 512gb version and apparently that means I might be an online fraud risk! Despite the fact my debit card has been verified. He’s sending a request for the security team  to get in touch with me as soon as possible. Only time will tell. 


I see, keep us updated on the situation @Steven1966



Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs

Well 24 hours have passed and there’s been no contact from your security people. I can only say it’s really not good enough in facts it’s downright disappointing.

It clearly demonstrates, that potential new customers appear to be of little value to Virgin. 

I first had a delivery booked for Wednesday but that order was parked and then after contacting your sales line and reordering for a delivery on Saturday that order is still parked and I still had to call your sales line. 

for a communication company it’s ironic that communication seems to be sadly lacking. 

I cannot see how anyone would think this is acceptable treatment of a new customer!

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I would be careful submitting any more orders. 

Your credit file may be impacted with multiple individual searches and this itself sets a warning off to other providers if you intend to try elsewhere.

Yes and that’s what annoys me more than anything, I have a good credit record, lived at the same address for over 20 years they have verified my bank card but apparently I’m some sort of ‘online fraud’ risk because I ordered the 512GB model! 

whatever else it is it’s a lousy way to treat a new customer. 


Hello Steven1966,


Sorry to hear of the problems following your recent mobile order, we appreciate you raising this via the forums.


Order's can be 'Parked' for a number of reasons, this could be due to a credit check issues, issues with the information given for said credit check or that either more information is required or the internal score may not be high enough for you to have either a handset loan or the handset requested. The internal score is based off of many factors but if you are a new customer and haven't had any services with us prior to your order, this can lower the score.


In instances like this a member of the team will contact the customer to discuss or get more information if required, if the customer isn't available they will try again over the following couple of days.



Have texted customer support I’m waiting for a phone call this afternoon hopefully it all gets sorted soon, the irony is my wife has been a Virgin customer for years without problem, so after lousy service from my current provider I wanted to move over to Virgin. 

Thanks for the update Steven1966, if this was taken in your name and you haven't had any products with us previously that might explain the issues.


We're sure the team will contact you and do all they can to fully resolve this and get the handset to you, please keep me up to date with how the call goes.