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Mobile log in, No WiFi ??????

Help how mad is this I can log in to Virgin media no problem. But try to log in to the Virgin Mobile that’s when the trouble starts it turns out according to the several people I  eventually spoke to you have to turn your WiFi off to use the Mobil log in so the only way is to use my mobile data to see what’s happening trouble is my health problems mean I have lots of  WiFi gadgets to help me at home my heating, Video doorbell what happens if I forget to turn my WiFi back on. I’m beginning to wish I had stayed with EE you log in to the web site either BB or Mobile never turn anything off it’s all on so that I’ve got everything as & when I need it. I’m so fed up the last 3 days I’ve spent 5.5 hrs on the phone to Virgin & every time you have to go through the security even when they pass you on to some else to help you after the 5ith person I just about snapped but didn’t I did when I’m speaking to the same person on my mobile & he rings on my landline to check things are working. I though Virgin was a good place to come Biggest mistake I have ever made. Rubbish everything.

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Re: Mobile log in, No WiFi ??????

Which way are you trying to log into the mobile account: 

Via a web browser, you would log in here  This will work over WiFi or mobile data just fine.

If you are using the "My Account" app on your phone: the first time you use it - you need to turn WiFi off on your phone for the setup, once the setup is done you can turn phones WiFi back on and app will work over WiFi or mobile data afterwards.

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