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Mobile blues

As if that wasn't bad enough, I had to wait - currently 2 months - to get my mobile number PAC code, from 02 - again Virgin had swapped me to a new number though I'd asked to keep the same one!

I had a lot of faffing about & now to add insult to injury, my mobile is having the same problem as the landline, ie I can ring & text out, but incoming calls get an engaged tone & texts are re-routed to my outbox.

Again, lots of empty promises about it getting sorted, despite being told to 'factory reset it', reboot the phone etc with no improvement...just told there are notes on my records, that I may have to wait another 2-3 days to see if they can fix it, may need an engineer to come out etc etc...not to mention literally hours wasted on the phone being passed from one call-handler to another & having to go through security/repeat myself til I'm blue in the face!!

I just hope no-one else is tearing their hair out like me!?!!

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