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Missold O2 package

Joining in

After recently resolving a problem with my Virgin Media email account, the agent informed me that I could be paying less for my mobile account if it was with O2. This sounded good but on checking the small print I discovered that with O2 I could not roll over to the next month unused minutes and data which I can with O2. 

I contacted O2 to cancel within the 14 day cooling off period which they told me would do on 20 October. I was therefore surprised that yesterday a £6 charge was deducted from my bank account and then today I received an e mail notifying me of what I had signed up for. 

On contacting O2 Customer Service to find out what was happening I went around in circles until I was cut off when I was supposedly being transferred to someone who could help me.

I am concerned that I am being charged for a service I do not want. 

Can anyone advise me on this situation?   


Alessandro Volta

Speak to Citizens Advice.  Forum staff here can't help with O2 customer service issues because despite the merger, they still operate as two different companies (except when it comes to selling stuff).

My issue is with Virgin as their agent pushed me towards O2, saying they were now one company.  

They're owned by one company, in practice there's very little operational integration.  Which means that they use different IT systems, different processes, and whilst their agents happily cross sell, the companies maintain that if you're cancelling or have problems then they're legally separate.  In one respect they clearly are merging - VM customer service has always been appalling, but O2 used to be reasonable.  Since the merger, it's been all downhill for O2 customer service, obviously the plan is to use the same poor quality offshore support model to achieve the same universal standard of ineptitude that VM believe is adequate.

But coming back to the point, the forum staff here are Virgin Media employees, they have access to some of VM's systems, none of the O2 systems.  If O2 have failed to process a cancellation request within the cooling off period, that's a breach of the relevant UK Consumer Contracts law.  You can try again with O2 - it might just be that they are slow to process the cancellation instruction and you'll get a credit in due course.   If they haven't cancelled it, or give you ANY difficulty, then you need to raise a formal complaint with them, asking for the matter to be resolved and payment of a modest compensation payment of say £50.  If they don't comply with that then you contact CISAS to see how you can escalate the complaint to them.

Hi chrissunshine, thanks for the message and welcome to the community. 

I am sorry to hear that you have been misssold a package with the Volt and this is not the experience which we want you to have as a VM02 customer.

Can you give 02 another call and let us know the outcome please?

Kind regards, Chris.