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Migrated Over To O2, But Bill With O2 AND VM

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On August 24th we migrated over to O2. There are 3 mobiles in the package - 2 that were paid to Virgin Mobile and one in the old Ooopm package. the O2 bill covers all 3 mobiles now, yet the Virgin Media package from the 31st August still has the mobile included and the bill amount has not gone down so technically I'm now paying twice for one of the mobile numbers. I did try and contact via the automated web chat, which got as far as the Whatsapp message before nothing happened.

Is it possible for someone to look at my package and remove the phone from it please.

I can't contact VM customer services by phone at the moment - since the landline got switched over to via the Hub I haven't got round to re-attaching the extensions, and the cordless phone plugged into the Hub doesn't seem to hold it's charge. I don't think I can contact them via O2 mobile (though I do need to talk to someone as I was on the top broadband tier before switchover and need to knock it own a tier so that I can got the Volt benefit and get what I have cheaper).

Thanks in advance for your help.