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Incorrect name on contract

I signed up to 2x SIM contracts over the weekend in a Virgin shop.

Today I phoned up customer support to give PAC details for both contracts.

At this point I realised that my first name which the store representative had placed on my contract with incorrect and he had used my middle name instead.

Before giving PAC details over the phone today, I mentioned this to the telephone operator, and he said he'd deal with it after the PAC codes.

After the PAC codes for both had been given and started their processing, the phone operative told me it wasn't an easy process to change my name, and that i would need to complete a form and provide change of name certificates... marriage certificate, deed poll certificate etc.

Of course, I do not have any of these as my name hasn't changed, it is Virgin's error.

He then told me there was another more complicated route to follow and that he could cancel my contracts and re-issue blah blah blah...

Of course, now I'd commenced with the PAC transfers, I considered that there was too much that could now go wrong and said how appalled I am at the level of ineptitude already received and that I could not believe how a credit check and accounts be set up in an incorrect name could happen!

I opted to not change the incorrect name through this elongated process, and would wait until PAC transfers have completed until I follow this up - more than likely I'll choose to cancel my contracts through the 14 day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Re: Incorrect name on contract

Hi essexsj, 


I am really sorry to hear of the inconvenience and experience that you've had with us whilst taking the contracts out. I am unsure as to why your middle name was registered if you have advised of your first name. The agent was correct in stating that we would be able to change the name through a form that we can complete. That information can be found here;


Thank you for your post. 

Ryan_N - Forum Team
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