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Incorrect Billing Address (still!)


I changed my address in my profile many many months ago (last year!!) and changed it again this month. I also asked for it to be changed via the texting service. However my original (old) address still appears.

Firstly, I changed it in my profile, yet continued receiving the eBills with the old address. I contacted and asked for the problem to be sorted but with no success. I then asked for the bills to be changed from eBills to Paper Bill, and was assured that the bills will be sent to the new changed address. Again, despite full assurance and confirmation, the paper bill was sent to the old address.

Can someone please fix this problem! I need the bills to be showing the correct address as I need to use the document as proof of address.

Hoping to get a reply back!



PS. If the process could be backdated to at least February 2020 this would be great!

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