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Impossible to get mobile SIM working

Where to start. First the SIM didn't arrive. So asked for a replacement which arrived but when I put it in the phone it says SIM not provisioned. I suspect because it is a replacement for a previous SIM but seeing as that SIM never arrived it has never been activated. 

Tried to set up an online Virgin Mobile account but it asks for my security question, which I answer and it says it's wrong - even though it's not and anyway I have never set up this account before so how can I possibly have security information attached?

The advice then given as I can't get into an online account is to phone. I am now on hold for the 3rd time. The first time I was disconnected before anyone even answered. The 2nd time I was on hold for 25 minutes some one answered and asked what number I was calling about and the the call ended. Now on hold again, 20 minutes and counting. 

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