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Immediate credit file amendment needed

Joining in

I am currently applying for a mortgage and our application has just been declined due to a credit arrear on my credit file that is linked to Virgin but was a mistake on Virgins behalf. They said we owed them money when we had previously cleared this and when we phoned up they apologised and cleared this for us, however they only corrected this on their files not our credit file so now we are about to lose the house we want.

I have phoned today and they apologised again for their mistake but said it can take 30 days to show on our credit file as clear however we cannot wait 30 days for this to happen. They said credit file amendments can do this for us with immediate effect but they may take 14 days to reply. Is there a way we can have this cleared for us on the credit file immediately as even waiting for 14 days will cause us to lose the house?

It is very upsetting that we are experiencing these issues for something that was never our fault in the first place. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi lucyredwood,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. We would like to apologise for what has happened with your credit file and any detrimental effect this has had on you getting your mortgage.

I will pop you over a private message to take some details so we can discuss this further with you.

Please click on the purple envelope to accept the chat.

Kind regards Jodi. 

Thank you Jodi, I have just replied on PM.

Alessandro Volta

You should notify the ICO of this - failure to correct credit history data is a serious breach of data protection rules that require personal data to be accurate, and whilst not common it's something VM have repeatedly done.  Won't help you in the short term I'm afraid, on the other hand the lack of consequences when people don't complain is one reason why VM haven't got their act together.