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How do I tell if my eSim is on EE or Vodafone?

I have a problem with the Virgin Mobile eSim on my iPhone - "No Signal" for my existing mobile number over a period of weeks (note: the four grey 'no signal' dots in my illustration).

Mobile Data Screenshot.jpeg

 The Virgin Mobile suggested / implemented solution was to temporarily set up a second parallel Pay Monthly account (with a different Number) and to promise to monitor / correct this.

The eSim for this 2nd a/c works just fine (see my illustration below) but it is not my published mobile number and I don't want the expense of two accounts.  

Secondary Screenshot.jpeg

After several conversations with 789 and 150 the situation has become quite confusing for all concerned.

What I need / require (and I am still looking for some help) is …

The telephone number for the "Mobile Data - Mobile Data" eSim (with No Signal) porting over to replace the number for the fully functional eSim "Mobile Data - Secondary" (ideally together with the rollover to which I am entitled and some allowance for the time without a signal).

Try explaining that on the customer-end of a telephone conversation!

It is my opinion that the cause of the confusion / problem has been Virgin Mobile's migration from the EE network to the Vodafone network.

Does anyone know of a way to test if an eSim is on EE or Vodafone and is it possible to port an account from Virgin Mobile (EE) to Virgin Mobile (Vodafone) within "My Virgin Media"?

I suspect not!



Peace and Love to All - DrawnClaws

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Re: How do I tell if my eSim is on EE or Vodafone?

Hi DrawnClaws,

Thank you for your post. I'm very sorry for the issues you're having with your Mobile service and any confusion when speaking with the teams. 

I would like to investigate this for you to see if we can get to the bottom of this. 

I will private message you now to get some details.