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Family plan - Needs activating but cannot reach you - 8 months now!


I have 5 mobile contracts (family, all paid for by the same DD) and was told that I could add them to the FAMILY PLAN and save 4 x £2 pm.

This was in Feb and since March when I was told to reconnect with you, I could not get through to anyone via landline, mobile, chat etc, etc.

I am aware of current circumstances but surely after 9 months a contact strategy for your CUSTOMERS should be in place or are you, as a company, hiding behind Covid to deliver a shoddy, cheap customer service level.

So far this is costing me £80 and rising each month, not a lot, but as I pay over £1750 pa to your company, for over 10 years, every little helps.

Any ideas how this can be resolved before the next pandemic in 2120???

All I want if my 4 contracts to be added to the family plan!


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