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Failure after failure.......

I'm posting this from a private account as I want to explain this story anonymous.

Almost 10 years ago I vowed never to use your services again but I thought you'd changed how wrong I was!

Almost 10 years ago I had to move urgently due to mental health reasons. This was not my fault and I asked to cancel my contract early which was agreed. Almost a year later I hadn't noticed but I was being charged for services at two homes! You'd carried on charging me even though I cancelled. You did give it back as partial credit but once you moved your none cable customers to talktalk I left.

Roll onto 2018, I decided to take a new VM Mobile contract as EE was a rip off, knowing VM is a MVNO using EE I took a deal but instantly I was having random disconnects, I'd call landlines and it'd be silent my side and unknown to me the other side had picked up, I'd have it say phones were off/not in service when they were and so on.

I instantly asked for this to be looked into and nothing, I was told "it'd sort itself" I'm a vulnerable person and being in contact with family is a must. I informed VM of this and I was again told to wait. almost 6 months later I gave up using the phone.. I couldn't call anybody without losing the call and losing hours of time. I called VM again and was told my phone was connecting to a mast twice as far as the nearest one.. While I maybe disabled I'd already found this out on my own and told them. It is your network that's the issue. but to no avail I followed your "tech" support blaming my phone being the issue. I swapped it to an android from an iphone and to a totally different idevice, same thing. I got multiple new sims, same thing. It was this stage I lost my DLA as this great country loves to harm the disabled by lying in medical reports. I started to struggle paying my contract and I only had once a week I could make calls at a family members where the signal worked.

None stop I had to apologise and explain my moneys once every two weeks on a different date each time, by the time my moneys paid it's gone. You refused to let me pay any means but by phone which I couldn't do due to no service. I stated I'd be willing to setup a standing order/automated bank trasnfer and to auto pay upfront and in advanced as it was a set fee, you refused.

I then sent a complaint, weeks later you never bothered to reply to it until I called you! this is not how it's supposed to be.

After months I gave up and asked to cancel my contract as I'm not getting service I can use.. I was told no, and if I did that'd be the complete phone cost upfront something I clearly can't afford as my moneys now half of what it used to be.

At this time I took out a new contract via tesco just to keep in contact with family, I asked VM to put this as the primary number for all issues regarding my account and to call these.. you stated twice it was in the notes and this number would be used...


How many times did you call this number ? NOT ONCE. I've now got a debt collector letter for your own failings, your refusing of letting me pay and your absurd "you must call to pay bills manually" policy at the time. You've stopped attempting to take payments and now are threatening me.

This is beyond disgraceful. Your company needs to learn to support disabled people better and to learn to stop being rude and not following through with basics. Also stop hiring clowns as a damn ape can do better support.

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Re: Failure after failure.......

Hi GoodByeVM,


I would like to apologise on the experience you've had when joining us again as a Virgin Mobile customer and for the ongoing issues you've had. It's not nice to hear that we have been unable to resolve your concerns when you've contacted us and would like to feed this back to the relevant Teams. It really isn't the experience we expect our customers to have and I can only apologise for the frustration and inconvenience it has caused you.


I appreciate that you wish to remain anonymous and understand why however will it be okay if I send you a Private Message so I can take a look at the Complaint for you? I'm unsure whether it is still open and although it will sit in the Complaints Department, I want to help in any way that I can if it is still open. It will also allow me to investigate what happened so I can feed it back for training and improve our Customer Services.


Please send me a Private Message if you would like me to take a look for you.


Warm Regards,



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