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EDIT: RESOLVED moved to O2, cannot contact Virgin Media to pay off credit agreement

Just joined

I was with Virgin Mobile for over 20 years. My mobile bill moved to O2 but I still have a monthly credit agreement with Virgin Media for my device, which I now want to pay off.

I have all the information on my agreement and full access to the credit agreement portal, but I can't contact Virgin Media from there. When I ring the suggested number 0345 600 0789 it asks me for a Virgin Media account number and "area code", which I do not have. My old Virgin Mobile account number has letters in front and a different number of figures.

The Virgin Mobile legacy pages on the Virgin Media website advised me to ring O2, but this is nothing to do with them. My credit agreement is with Virgin Media. I just want to talk to a human in the credit agreement team who will help me pay it off.

Can someone help me here please?


based on the reply to a previous post I got through to the Virgin Mobile Finance Team on 0345 602 4420 and managed to pay off my balance. I needed my Virgin Mobile password