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Direct Debit

Joining in

Hi, is it possible to keep my Virgin Mobile sim card active but cancel my direct debit/monthly contract?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Husam


Thanks for posting your mobile query regarding the Direct Debit, we appreciate you asking this via the forums and welcome to the community.


As it is part of the Term's and Conditions of the Virgin mobile service, there needs to be an active Direct Debit on the account. Cancellation of this may result in a suspension of service even if the balance is paid via alternative methods.

This does work both ways though and payments can be made up to 5 working days prior to the date the Direct Debit being requested meaning no funds would be taken.



Hi Rob,

Thank you for your response, I actually have encountered another issue and was wondering if you could share some insight on the matter?

I recently changed my Direct Debit details to a new card, however I wanted to change it again to the card I was using before. 


When I try to do so it is stating “This action cannot be carried out as the Financial Account has a soft lock active” is there any way of changing my card details again? 


Also I would like to add that I am currently overseas therefore I do not want to contact the virgin mobile customer services team to avoid extra charges.

Thank-you for welcoming me here and please let me know if you can help with this query.




Hi there Husam,

Thanks for coming back to us.

Just regarding this matter, have you received any migration notifications at all on the affected number/s?



Hi Kain,

Thankyou for responding.

I have not received any notifications relating to any migration details, I have received an email about the switch to O2 but thats about it. 

I received a confirmation email of my new direct debit details on 16/05/2023 and one monthly payment has been taken from the new card, however now I am trying to change my direct debit details to a new card I am getting this in the ‘payments’ section


Direct Debit

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This action cannot be carried out as the Financial Account has a soft lock active. “

Thank you

So with this currently due to pending migrations,

We'd be unable to alter any details until it is complete, 

However so we can investigate this further I've dropped you a PM.

The message will appear within the purple envelope icon.