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Default wrongly put on credit file

Tuning in

Hi all.

Found out that I have a default on credit file from August 2018 for £24 and is greatly impacting me getting mortgage.

Had two phones on contract year previous and a sim only for £6 a month after a year I phoned up and cancelled the sim as I was paying for a sim I had never used shortly after direct debit was taken from account and then refunded have all evidence bank statements and account number matches default have other evidence and am a 100 percent certain that i have been wrongly defaulted.

Emailed creditamendments but it can take upto a month just to look at it also phoned virgin numerous times and have no record of debt in my name and carnt help.

Any advice on next steps or who i can contact would be very much appreciated Time isn't on my side and need it rectified ASAP.  


Accepted Solutions

dannyo87: We regularly hear of people wrongly marked as being in default at the end of a VM contract.  As this is processing inaccurate data, and that is unlawful you should complain to the ICO, who (unlike Ofcom) do take notice and do take action if they see persistent issues.  If the ICO take the matter up, that will force VM to behave competently in future, but won't immediately help with your problem.

You should also be seeking substantial compensation from VM - it's a very serious allegation to make that anybody is a defaulter, and the casual way that VM seem to do this for people at the end of their contract deserves taking to task.  Let VM's credit team sort out the current situation, but escalate the complaint to Ombudsman Services (after reading and understanding their guidance) asking for compensation for this serious error.  Personally I'd be asking for at least £150 if VM wrongly branded me as a defaulter.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi dannyo87,

Thanks for taking the time to contact us via the Community. It's lovely having you on board with us in the Forums.

I'm sorry to hear a default has been registered on your credit file. The quickest way to get this looked at is to raise a dispute directly with the credit referencing agency. They will send the information to us and we will take a look at this, correct anything that needs correcting and we then send the updates directly back. 

If you would prefer to raise this directly with us then in order for us to investigate this and look at things, we would need a bit more information from you. I know you've mentioned that you've already emailed the team but just incase you've missed any information out, please send a copy of your credit file to us along with as much information as possible regarding the VM account and the information you believe is wrong and we can look at the entry for you. 

Please note the overall turnaround for a credit file resolution can take up to 28 days from the day we receive a copy of your file.  We are unable to expedite this I'm afraid. You can send this via the following: 

➡ Email: 

➡ In Writing: Consumer Underwriting Services, Virgin Media, Eagle Court 3, Coventry Road, Sheldon, B26 3RZ 

Keep us posted on how things go. 


Forum Team

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Hi Kath.

Thanks for reply.

But thats just not good enough I carnt wait 28 days if I was in the wrong then I would understand but virgin have wrongly put default there and could financially ruin me as a result.

There must be somebody who I can speak to and resolve matter more urgent and have evidence looked at as again time is not on my side.


Hi dannyo87, 

Thanks for coming back to us on this one. 

I'm afraid there really isn't anything we can do. The team do not have a phone number to contact as they are a back office team. The emails are answered in the order they are received so if using this method, it does depend on how many reviews they are receiving. 

As mentioned, the quickest way is to go through the credit referencing agency as they will automatically send all the information we need to look in to things. 

Apologies but there is nothing more we can do. As you've already emailed the team, I would advise against sending another email as this would push you back down the queue to the way Outlook clumps emails together. 


Forum Team

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Hi Kath.

Just emailed them 15 mins ago with all evidence and checked file default has been removed and a reply from creditmendments with no apologie but still not happy I've been a customer with virgin for over 10 years never missed a payment and they have effected my credit for 5 years without me knowing which is an absolute joke 100 percent will be taking this further and will cancel any products I have with virgin which I have quite a few as soon as I get chance.

Hi dannyo87, 

That's great news, we're glad to hear the team are quiet so have been able to get things updated for you so quickly. 

We can only apologise that the mistake was made however all we can do is get things put right which is what the team have done. 

It's always worth keeping a close eye on your credit file as this will allow you to see if mistakes are made to get them addressed sooner than later. 

If you have any further issues, please let us know. 


Forum Team

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Shouldn't have to keep a close eye when you know you've paid everythink had an experian all my life but wasn't showing on there and never has so thought my credit was fine had no emails letters saying I owed anythink bottom line is virgin are a disgrace.

Hi kath.

Don't take this the wrong way but your advice isn't very good think you might need abit more training .

If I didn't send second email i would still be waiting for reply theres alot more you can do its just i have to air my problem on a forum for the whole world to see to get anythink done.

I wont be a virgin customer for very much longer but will stay on forum and update this thread to help anybody else who has to deal with this problem.

next step is citizens advice because no way can virgin get away with this I will say carley on other thread I posted is very good direct messaged me a couple of times and was very helpful you might need a few tips from her.

I'm off for a beer because I bloody need one.

Just gets even worse with virgin.

Went through complaints procedure and logged complaint for wrongfully putting default on credit file.

Received email off resolutions team then day after a text message asking me to ring a call centre in the Philippines to talk about it who have no idea of logged complaint and ask me to log it again.

Come on virgin there must be somebody who I can speak to that I don't have to spell everythink out with words and actually knows whats happened.

Thanks for your reply @dannyo87 Sorry the resolution given by the team was not what you have expected. 

I would certainly be happy to take a look at this for you further, I'll send you a PM to confirm your details so this can be done.



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