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Credit file amendment

Joining in

Having been contacted by text message from a debt collection agency in 07/22 regarding my virgin mobile account..?
I contact virgin mobile directly over the phone and promptly cleared the error regarding the “outstanding” £29. I was assured at this time that VIRGIN would contact the debt collection agency and inform them that I had NO outstanding money owed.  I was told over the phone that this may take up to 2 weeks to be sorted and if I was to contacted by the debt collection agency in this period, to ignore it, and not to worry as the account has been amended. 
After I was indeed contacted AGAIN by said debt collection agency, I logged in online to my old mobile account and pleased to see my account HAD been amended at was at £0.00 .
I have now recently found out that virgin HAS NOT CONTACTED the debt collection agency and my credit score is virtually NON EXISTENT ! 
can someone please tell me how this can be sorted out ? I have rang virgin , who just told me to email, credit amendments, which I have, although this is of NO HELP WHATSOEVER, as I currently cannot even insure my car !


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Forum Team

Hi Sweenytodd93

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

I am sorry to hear of this dispute. If the bill was owing, then subsequently cleared, we'd issue a 'satisfied default'. This isn't the same as a 'no money outstanding' as such, so would still go on the credit file but would show as settled debt on payment date (whenever payment made).


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There was never any money outstanding! It was an error on their part in regards to the fact they failed to cancel a monthly rolling sim even though I’d rung to cancel as per the terms and conditions stated. It was rectified over the phone and I was assured the debt collection agency would be informed ! Which obviously they HAVE NOT been .Otherwise  I would not still be receiving tx messages from the debt collection agency  asking me to contact them ? Therefore it is completely virginmobile fault for failing to contact the debt collection agency as they assured me they would! 

Thank you for the reply @Sweenytodd93.

I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the bill and credit file.
Please send an email to: and our team will be able to raise a case for this and sort this issue out.
Send them an email with a cover note on of the issues you are having and they will investigate the matter.
You can also raise a case with Experian here for this.  And over here for Equifax.
Let us know how it goes.

Kind regards,

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Both those links are for USA ! Totally useless for a uk user , thanks ,,, !,,

I am STILL receiving tx messages from the debt collection company, something that is extremely worrying for me, I already have anxiety, and this is now making me physically ill. I need someone to sort this out as soon as possible  please. The thought of waiting another 2weeks is filing me dread. I have done nothing wrong , why am I being punished for virgins mistake

Hi Sweenytodd93,

Thank you for reaching back out to us, have you called back in to speak to us to make sure this was cleared by us and that we have sent this to our Credit amendment team?