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I Signed up to an 18 month package that include virgin tv, broadband and phone and an 02 sim. It was great value with the Virgin part being £54 a month and sim £25. As it was advertised as the same package (and you couldn’t separate) I expected it all to be for the 18 months but have already had a mobile price increase. Anyone else come across this and is it correct? If so I feel missold! 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Caroline3562 👋 welcome back to community! Thank you for posting. 

Sorry to hear this feedback regarding your VOLT package, including an O2 SIM. There's a really helpful page here 👉 VOLT billing | Virgin Media Help that explains a bit more about how VOLT billing works, and what you can expect. In short, you have accounts both with Virgin Media (for your VM services) and with O2 (For your SIM). These are billed separately. When taking out a package you are able to access VOLT deals and packages by having both an O2 SIM and VM services, some of these deals are not available without both O2 and VM services. You can see more info about these kinds of deals here 👉 Supercharge your world with Volt | Virgin Media O2

Sorry to hear about your concerns regarding the O2 billing side of things. You would sadly need to contact them directly to discuss this further as the billing is with them. You can get in touch with O2 Here 👉 Contact Us | Help, Support and Useful Numbers | O2

In the meantime you can also find our full terms and conditions, if needed here 👉 

Hopefully O2 are able to get this sorted for you. Thanks for your patience in the meantime! Wishing you all the best. 🌞