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Confirmation email

I have the confirmation email stating the start of the credit agreement for my new phone and from what i can tell from other threads i should have received an email with my security key. With that in mind i have the confirmation of my credit agreement i however never received a security key email. I as such am unable to access my credit agreement.

I have spent 3 hours trying to get the next email.  They say they have sent but never received.  The person could not even understand my accent.   

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Forum Team (Retired) David_Pn
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Re: Confirmation email

Hi JaneT5


Thank you for posting on our community forum pages.


We are sorry to hear that you you have been having difficulty accessing your credit agreement. 


You should receive an email from us entitled "How to complete your new agreement with Virgin Media", and within that you'll have a link to "Pre-Contract Credit Information documents and Credit Agreement".

When you click on the link, the security key should auto populate into the portal login screen. You will then need to enter just the last four digits of your bank account number and tick the ‘I am not a Robot’ box and then they are into the CCA documentation.

Once you have read it and are happy with the terms, you just have to tick that you have read the Terms and Conditions and then hit a ‘Click to Sign’ box.


Hope you find this useful.

Forum Team

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