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Closed Mobile Account But Due Refund

/Hi, I am writing this on behalf of my partner, he has recently closed his VM mobile account to go elsewhere. He was told that his account is now closed but he has a credit amount on his account. He was told to phone a number to get the credit amount refunded back to him. Why is he having to do this at all? Surely if the account is closed, any credit should be automatically refunded back to his bank account? If he owned money, the money would be taken straight from his bank account so I don't see why he is having to chase up to get back what is rightfully his. Anyone else had this problem?

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Re: Closed Mobile Account But Due Refund

Hi Selena28,


Thank you for your post. 


I'm very sorry for any frustration with getting the credit from the Mobile account.


I have located the account and so need to take a look into this. 


What I will do is private message you so we can look into this.