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Checking contract length

Joining in

As an ex o2 customer when ever I wanted to check my contract for upgrade availability , All I needed to do was check via the 02 app. 

Why is it so convoluted on the Virgin app? 

I Don't even know or remember setting up a security key?!

Why is there no actual way for us to quickly check our contracts ?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Lazysod,

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear you're having some trouble checking your contract length. 

If you sign into your mobile account, go to Your plan> About my plan it will advise you 🙂



No, it just lists what I get ON my plan (texts, talk time etc) not it's length or if I even qualify for upgrades. It has links to check my contact but it goes through a frustrating and pointless security check etc (I don't even remember setting a security key for it)

On the 02 app it was all straight forward and clear, starting to regret moving to Virgin mobile frankly. Can't even turn off voicemail in any quick way, seems I have to phone up for that too.  

As you would pay separately for the loan agreement this would then direct you outside of the app. 

If you're unsure what the security key for the contract is I can pop you over a private message to help? It's usually sent to you via email, along with the loan agreement.


If you could that would be great

No worries 🙂

Keep a look out for the little purple envelope, top right hand corner 🙂